4 Important Things Schools Never Taught us

1. Skill will beat talent every time

Talent is something you are born with, like musical knowledge but skill is something you acquire by practicing something deliberately. Skills are more important than talent and necessary for success in any field.

2. How to Master Money

The reason we go to schools and college is to learn things to get a nice job to earn money so why not educate them about Money and how to make them work for you. But schools don’t do that because they think it is unnecessary to teach about money saying we will learn it when we get a job.

3. Sometimes failing is crucial

Most of us are afraid, No! Not afraid we are Terrified of Failures. What’s the reason behind this? Schools obviously! When we fail our tests we are humiliated by schools. Failing is a Sin in schools for them life is a straight road leading to success, but that is not the case life is a big hill, every time we climb it we face many obstacles and opportunities.

4.Creativity is the key factor

What is the one thing computer can’t do? They can’t imagine! Imagination is the power for everything we do. If we can’t imagine something then we can’t see it and we cannot achieve what we cannot see.



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Barath kumar

Barath kumar

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